More Fat Burning Tips

Here’s a list of articles from Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer & author of:
The Truth About 6 Pack Abs, The Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Sneaky Tricks to Lose Weight Fast and Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging. Note: By clicking on the article Title or the Read More [….] you will be redirect to the author’s site.

These 4 Foods Accelerate AGING in Your Body
…. Due to biochemical reactions in your body that occur with every type of food you eat on a daily basis, some foods age you FASTER than your real age, while other foods help to FIGHT aging. [….]

Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning => 3 Major Benefits
This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism & energy levels [….]

The #1 MOST Harmful Food For Your Brain – BEWARE!
Some foods you might be eating daily can actually DAMAGE your brain over time. In this article, we’ll explore foods that HARM your brain vs foods that PROTECT your brain. [….]

7 “Fatty” Foods For a Flat Stomach
In fact, it’s absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats in your diet to keep your hormones balanced, blood sugar under control, and prevent cravings. Here are 7 examples of “fatty” foods that can actually HELP you to get lean [….]

Why to STOP Eating Whole Wheat Bread, Vegetable Oils, Energy Bars, or Cereals
These foods are silently KILLING you and your family, causing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer & excess body fat… I’ll also show you why you should eat MORE foods such as delicious [….]

Red Wine and Your GUT? (study results)
You’ve probably heard that red wine can be a very healthy drink option, but you most likely only heard about generic benefits of the antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine. But here’s another MAJOR reason below why […]

These CEREALS Destroy Your Hormones, ZAP Your Energy, and Cause Weight Gain (avoid these)
Most cereals are promoted as “health foods” by the giant food corporations.  However, these sinister common breakfast foods that almost everyone consumes daily are killing you slowly, zapping your energy levels, causing diabetes, excess body fat, cancer, and even faster aging in your body.  I’ll explain why below […]

1 Unique Spice That Beats Abdominal Fat (plus controls blood sugar)
This spice that I’m going to mention is one of the most overlooked, but healthiest spices in the world…    You might even call it a “fat burning spice” […]

The DIRTY Truth About Canola Oil
Have you been lied to about the health benefits of canola oil? […]

3 Foods That You Should STOP Eating
I was reading a statistic in a nutrition book recently, and this is going to shock you …  Now before I tell you the statistic, let’s keep an important fact in mind […]

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